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The Hidden Dangers of Manhole Covers

May 19, 2017

The Hidden Dangers of Manhole Covers - King 5 News VideoNovinium CEO talks to KING 5 about the hidden dangers of manhole covers

As King 5’s  Environmental Reporter Alison Morrow reports, flying manhole covers are not as rare an occurrence as you may think. Often due to aging infrastructure, an estimated 2,000 manhole events (smoke, fire and explosions) occur in North America every year, putting lives and property at risk.

“When an explosion occurs, a 250 lb. manhole can get blown up into the air,” Novinium CEO Glen Bertini tells King 5, “and can land on top of a building, on top of a car, or on top of a human being.”

Using milk, Alison demonstrates how Plenovo’s PreVent™ system allows ventilation while creating channels around the holes to reduce fuel for explosions and mitigate failure of underground cables.

Watch the full King 5 story here: