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Novinium Launches Plenovo Subsidiary

May 8, 2018


Novinium launches Plenovo subsidiary to drive PreVent® Manhole Event Prevention System business

May 1, 2018- Kent WA– The successful launch of the PreVent® Manhole Event Prevention system has led to the creation of Plenovo, a new subsidiary of Novinium.  Plenovo applies a holistic approach to helping circuit owners prevent manhole fires and explosions by addressing the root causes of the problem and providing vision into underground structures.

Manhole fires and explosions are becoming more prevalent as urban infrastructures age.  An estimated 11 manhole events strike across North America every day.  These smoking manholes, manhole fires and manhole explosions injure people and cause significant network damage and costly outages. A single manhole explosion can cost an electric utility more than $1Million USD. Although manhole fires negatively impact the financial resources of utilities, the damage to a utility’s reputation can be even more costly.  Negative public perception of a utility causes long-term damage including scrutiny by media, increased government regulations and legal issues associated with liability, damages and injuries.

Plenovo is a global company and was created to help utilities throughout the world improve safety across their communities by leveraging multiple technologies to stop explosions in underground confined spaces.

“Many companies begin with a product focused approach that tries to identify markets that can benefit from their products and services.  Plenovo is unique in that it was formed out of the desire to solve the very real problem of manhole explosions,” says Glen Bertini, CEO at Plenovo, a subsidiary of Novinium. The result is a solution that was developed from the ground up, bringing together multiple technologies that work together to address root causes.  Plenovo is the only company that provides a complete solution providing real time vision to underground spaces and actively addressing the root causes of manhole events.

Plenovo is rolling out the PreVent® system as a holistic solution designed to help utilities protect people and property from dangerous manhole events. PreVent® patent pending technology helps circuit owners improve public safety and network reliability by actively stopping manhole events from occurring. The cloud-based, wirelessly connected design monitors the accumulation of combustible gases, reducing the risk associated with secondary cable failure, and provides data analytics for smart asset management.  In addition, the technology–enabled cover limits the exposure to water, salt water, and debris while the active venting system removes combustible gases to prevent fires and explosions and keep the overall manhole environment safe.

“Our approach to vault explosions is unique. We’re addressing it at the root cause, the breakdown of the aging infrastructure, which generates flammable gases,” says Dr. Mark Newton, VP Engineering.  “We’re focusing on ventilation to make sure those gases don’t accumulate in the first place.”

To learn more about the PreVent product, including photography, pricing and product information, visit or call 253.395.0200.

About Plenovo

Plenovo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Novinium and created specifically to handle all sales and installations of the PreVent Manhole event prevention system.

PreVent Manhole Event Prevention System, by Plenovo, is the only data-driven, holistic solution for actively protecting the health and safety of cities’ underground vault infrastructure. PreVent uses specialized scientific knowledge and real-time data to help utilities keep underground assets safe and operating at peak performance. PreVent automates critical monitoring functions to help utilities eliminate the risk of dangerous, costly manhole fires and explosions. Plenovo is a subsidiary of Novinium, whose founder and CEO invented the revolutionary technology behind underground cable rejuvenation 30+ years ago and continues to champion ways to keep power flowing to those who depend on it. 

About Novinium:

Novinium is today’s only full-service cable rehabilitation technology company. We serve utilities across North America to keep their networks operating at peak performance, using the most advanced, capital-efficient, environmentally friendly methods available. We rejuvenate aging underground cable to better than new performance and to exceed reliability standards. Headquartered in the Seattle, WA area, Novinium was founded in 2003 by Glen Bertini, the inventor and expert cable rejuvenation technology.

The company complements its industry-leading expertise in rejuvenation with a range of service offerings including cable assessment, repair and replacement, lineman services, comprehensive data tracking, and end-to-end project management to help utilities of all sizes manage system reliability targets and complex technical challenges efficiently.