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PreVent Cover reduces the ingress of storm water, water, and debris while simultaneously allowing combustible and toxic gases to escape.

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PreVent Cover

This vented cover allows salt water and other materials inside of the vault structure.

Current State of Manhole Water Control

Many utilities have invested in locking, hinged, or tethered cover designs to prevent manhole covers from flying in the air during a manhole explosion. However, none of these options prevent the buildup of combustible or toxic gases inside the vault. As a result, none of these cover designs prevent explosions. In order to find a solution that addresses the root cause, utilities need a vented manhole cover design that will prevent significant ingress of storm water, salt, and debris while allowing cycled air flow.

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PreVent Cover

Water control is a key component of manhole safety.

The patent pending PreVent Cover is optimized for wireless data transmission and breathability and engineered with channels for keeping damaging water, salt water, and debris away from the vault while simultaneously allowing combustible gases to escape.


Watch in this side-by-side comparison, how the technology-enabled cover design, on the right, directs water away from the manhole opening.