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"In our modern age, we have tools that can make communities safer and our electrical grids more reliable." 

Branko Horvat, Director of New Product Development, PreVent

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Manhole inspection programsCurrent State of Manhole Monitoring

Manhole events can be dangerous and costly, but are impossible to predict without viable real-time data. Many utilities plan for visual inspections of their manholes an estimated 1 time every 5 years, or only enter the manholes as required. However, in order to understand these changing underground environments, utilities are looking for solutions to constantly monitor underground conditions and enable detailed, data-driven insights.

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PreVent EdgePreVent Edge


PreVent Edge helps utilities to identify early warning signs, allowing them to proactively intervene before a manhole event occurs.

PreVent Edge measures a selection of environmental factors, including:

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Manhole Explosions Part 1: Why They Occur

Webinar hosted by T&D World Magazine. As cities grow due to rapid urbanization, manhole explosions are becoming a serious public hazard and a nightmare to utilities that maintain manhole infrastructures. Register Now.

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Causes, Consequences and Protecting Your System from Manhole Events

Join this webinar on-demand to learn about the causes and consequences of manhole events — and how to accurately detect and prevent them.

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