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Manhole Explosions Part 1: Why They Occur

September 20, 2018 11:00 am

Manhole explosion webinar, Manhole Explosion Webinar Hosted by T&D World Magazine

As cities grow due to rapid urbanization, manhole explosions are becoming a serious public hazard and a nightmare to utilities that maintain manhole infrastructures. Due to aging electrical cables and lack of insight on why these events occur, the potential for manhole explosions to injure people and destroy property is steadily rising. This presentation identifies the fundamental causes of manhole fires and explosions in duct-manhole systems and sheds light on whether these events are fueled by electrical energy, chemical energy, or both. The presentation also dissects the complex interactions between the electrical cables and chemistry that happen inside the manhole infrastructure so that resources can be intelligently focused to prevent explosions from occurring.

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The main ingredients for a manhole explosion.
  • The density and volatility of gases within manhole infrastructures.
  • How faults contribute to explosions in primary and secondary cables.

Follow-Up Questions and Answers

The live webinar’s Q&A session generated many great questions—read more to see all of the questions that were asked as well as comprehensive answers to each.

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Glen Bertini
Chief Scientist

Glen Bertini is the world’s foremost expert on cable rejuvenation and preventing manhole events. Holder of more than 30 patents, Glen has worked passionately for more than three decades to perfect cable rejuvenation technology since developing it at Dow Corning in 1986. Plenovo, a Novinium company, was created to help utilities eliminate the risk of dangerous, costly manhole fires and explosions.

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