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Data Sheets

PreVent Edge Datasheet

PreVent® Edge Datasheet

March 1, 2018

Utilities fail to predict manhole events because they lack ongoing insight into manhole environmental conditions. As a result, many of these utilities fear that a catastrophic event can happen anywhere at any time. Monitor manhole conditions in real time with PreVent® Edge. Use data from a variety of sensors to predict manhole events before they occur.

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PreVent Ventilator Datasheet

PreVent® Active Ventilator Datasheet

March 1, 2018

Utilities rely on vented manhole covers to let combustible gases escape, but these passive solutions are insufficient for maintaining safe manholes. To provide adequate safety for manhole structures, a more active venting solution is required. The PreVent® active manhole ventilator provides active venting for manholes to keep combustible gases from collecting and potentially causing a manhole event.

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PreVent Cover Datasheet

PreVent® Cover Datasheet

February 27, 2018

Most manhole ventilation solutions fail to prevent higher levels of water and salt from entering the manhole. Secondary cable deterioration produces combustible gases that can lead to a manhole event. The PreVent® water control manhole cover is engineered with a set of channels and grooves that divert water, salt, and other debris away from the manhole.

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